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No Gi Grappling

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at AK’S GYM are ideal for anyone wishing to get fitter and stronger whilst learning devastating techniques that are effective in both the competitive environment and real life situations. Our classes are run in a respectful and professional manner with little risk of injury occurring. Whether you are a beginners, intermediate, advanced or competition practitioner you are welcome to join us. BBJ classes can be enjoyed by male and females of ages 10 and upwards.

Our coaches teach our students the subtleties of this fine art and how to utilize ones physiological attributes in order to over come any opponent. You will learn to anticipate your opponents actions through feel of movement,  positioning and weight placement on the ground. You will also practice evasive techniques which combine elements of attack and defense.

Classes focus on grappling and ground fighting. Students learn how to evade an attack by using leverage, counter techniques, subdue opponents with hold downs or locking techniques, and apply pressure points to disable an attacker.

Class times are as follows:

No Gi BJJ/Submission Wrestling £10

Monday: 20:00 21:00

Classes Duration : 1 hour

Classes Timing : 1 hour

Trainer Name : TBC